Pros and Cons of Home Office vs. Executive Office Rentals

  October 22, 2021

Pros and Cons of Home Office vs. Executive Office Rentals

As a small business, convenient and cost-effective offices are a priority, which often means choosing between a home office and an executive office rental. Both provide impressive advantages that can make managing a small business easier, and more affordable. Here is a look at the pros and the cons of each, along with some factors to consider as you seek the right location for your RGV business.

Home Offices

Home offices have become extremely popular over the last few years, thanks to the pandemic-fueled surge in remote work throughout the United States. A home office refers to any dedicated space within a residence that is used for work


No Commute

With an average commute time of 26 minutes each way, the drive to and from work can be long. A home office, however, requires no commute, leading to lower wear and tear on your vehicle, less stress, fewer fuel costs and, perhaps most important of all, an extra hour or more every day to devote to home or work.

Lower Costs

Using a home office is also one of the most affordable options for running your small business. You do not need to undertake an expensive lease, for example, or pay for utilities for a large space. The only costs you incur are your own utility and equipment costs, which are likely to be tax-deductible and lower than paying for these expenses in an executive office rental.

Environmental Benefits

Finally, a home office can be good for the environment. Not only are you commuting less, which means fewer carbon emissions, but you are also using less space and therefore less electricity and fewer natural resources.



A home office comes with inherent distractions that can make productivity difficult. For example, barking dogs, crying children, or even the presence of unfinished household tasks can interrupt meetings or focus. That can make productivity hard to achieve.

Lack of Professionalism

If you run a client-facing small business, you may want an atmosphere that is more professional than what your home office can offer. When you give out your business address, you may want it to be in a location that people recognize and respect. If a home office does not give the right impression to your clients, you may need to look for an executive office rental.

Team Communication

While remote teams and virtual communication have become much more the norm than was possible just a few years ago, it can still be difficult to run your business smoothly when you and your team all work from remote locations. Sometimes, face-to-face communication and in-person collaboration lead to greater productivity and a more successful business.

Lack of Space

Most homes do not have the space to house an entire business, or even just a small team of employees. That means that you may run into space issues, particularly as your business grows.

Executive Office Rentals

An executive office rental is a professional office space that you lease within a corporate building. These spaces often include additional areas, such as break rooms or reception areas, and can include a number of amenities designed with businesses in mind.



Executive office rentals come with many amenities that can make productivity easier for your small business. For example, here at Via Executive Suites, we provide endless benefits with your lease, including

  • Common areas
  • Break rooms
  • Complimentary Starbucks coffee
  • Front-desk services
  • Parking
  • 24/7 security
  • And more

When you choose an office rental with these amenities, you not only save money over providing them yourself, but you create a more welcoming and professional work environment where productivity can thrive.

Improved Productivity

Executive office rentals can make it easier to be productive. Not only do you have fewer distractions than a home office provides, but you also have amenities that make it easier to work. For example, front-desk services can help you manage appointments, while conference rooms give you a place to have meetings whenever the need arises. That improved productivity can be just what your small business needs to grow.

Ample Space

When you choose an executive office rental, you enjoy access to all the space your business needs. Whether you need one office for yourself, a suite of offices for your employees, or even room for your service-based business (e.g. Salon), you can find it here at Via.

Flexible Leases

One of the biggest advantages of an executive office rental is access to flexible leases that make it possible to expand your space as your business grows. Here at Via, for example, you have access to any of our four locations, allowing you to rent more space when you need it, or cut back on your rentals if times get a little bit tight.

Work-Life Balance

An office space that is separate from your home makes a reasonable work/life balance easier to achieve. You can more easily leave work at the office and go home to enjoy your down time. Such distinction can be harder in a home office, where your work is always just a few steps away.


Executive office rentals are often in desirable locations designed to impress clients. When you rent one of these office spaces, you can give your business card away with pride, confident in the fact that anyone who stops by your office will receive a professional welcome in a beautiful location.


Shared Spaces

Executive office suites often include shared spaces, such as break rooms and conference rooms. Sometimes, you may find it challenging to make sure these rooms are available when you want them.

Higher Costs

Leasing an office instead of working from home means paying a monthly rent. Those costs may exceed your current budget. However, in light of the services, amenities, and space you enjoy as part of your lease, you may find that these costs make sense for your business.

Despite these drawbacks, executive office rentals, such as those here at Via, offer exciting opportunities to conveniently and cost-effectively grow your business. If you are interested in learning more about how executive office rentals compare to home offices, contact us today. We look forward to showing you how we make better work possible in the Valley.

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