The Do’s and Dont’s of Renting Conference Rooms

  August 24, 2021

The Do’s and Dont’s of Renting Conference Rooms

If you run a small business, sooner or later you are going to need conference rooms. As a start-up, you might not have a separate location in your office to hold business conferences with clients or partners. Alternatively, if you feel a professionally designed negotiation room would create a powerful impact, you can always rent one. The Rio Grande Valley is no stranger to swanky, well-equipped conference venues. But how do you find one that fits your needs – budget, space, location, and amenities?

Here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts of renting conference rooms:


1. Select a site that’s easy to reach and easy to access

If you are meeting investors in McAllen, you may want to look for appropriate space in the business centers in the city. This lends an instant corporate charm to the event. Do select a location that’s well connected to major roads or highways and is easy to find via public transport. Lifts, wheelchair access, and parking are some of the necessary things.

2. Ensure strong Wi-Fi

In a world driven by technology do use strong Wi-Fi in the conference room. This is especially true if you need video conferencing, smart boards, projectors, and such equipment. It pays to remember that lots of people will carry more than one device that uses Wi-Fi. It’s always a great idea to check how strong the network is and provide backup.

3. Check for modern light, acoustics, and flexible seating

The room should be brightly lit, and accommodate all guests. If you are renting a conference room, it’s a good idea to visit and check out the features yourself. Does your voice carry over to people sitting far away from you? What is the level of soundproofing?

Ask your provider how much customization you can expect when it comes to seating. Are there a sufficient number of chairs and tables? Is there space for a long boardroom table or several smaller ones?

4. Make sure you have polite front desk staff

When your guests arrive, they expect to be greeted in a way that’s respectful and professional. The front desk is the first impression of your business. In a rented conference room too, the reception can make or break it. Bilingual staff is a definite plus.

5. Do provide opportunities for leisure

Often, conference venues are located near restaurants, shops, and other entertainment zones. Once the event is over, your guests are free to visit these joints and let their hair down.

6. Do check what the rent includes

Find out what you are paying for. How is the rent calculated? Is it an hourly flat rate or varies with the amenities you ask for? For instance, if you need access to the reception, will you be paying extra? Usually, service providers will offer a bundle of features and facilities when they rent out a space, so be sure to read the fine print.

Apart from the things that you positively must do, there are a few things you are better off avoiding. The Don’ts, as they are called, are crucial and can’t be ignored. So, here is a list of things you shouldn’t do while hiring a conference room:


1. Don’t delay booking

Conference rooms are regularly oversubscribed in the McAllen metropolitan area. So, if you have the dates pick up your phone and call up the service provider. Find out their renting policies and cancellation charges. Also, enquire about their payment plans.

2. Don’t forget to ask for choices on the venue

A few expert providers may be able to give you not one but multiple options at multiple locations in the same city. Pick the location and finalize the rooms only if these meet your needs. Small things like design aesthetics and functionality go a long way in creating conference rooms that leave a lasting impression.

3. Don’t leave it to chance

You’re better off visiting in person. If it’s a genuine provider, they will gladly arrange for a show. In case you are unable to physically check everything, they may offer you a virtual tour. It is a chance for you to find out whether the conference room or the other business spaces they rent out are aligned with your trade.

Summing Up

In short, renting a conference room for the short and long term involves taking care of a few important factors. The Do’s and Don’ts listed above covers the most important areas. Reach out to Via Executive Suites and end your search for the perfect conference rooms in the Rio Grande Valley.

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